In - Always in our hearts

  • Judith Thompson lit a candle on 10/14/2009:
    "I miss you"

  • Mark TarBush lit a candle on 10/04/2009:
    "I cannot describe the feeling of reading the notice in KW Record and the Freeps this weekend. Susan is the second person within the year who I knew well who presented such a liively and fun personality who suffered from depression. I have fond memories of her and of get togethers with her - the ice cream socials - and with Betty and Ken and family members, albeit a few years ago now. Richard - my prayers with you and your family and friends / Mark"

  • Pat Thompson lit a candle on 09/19/2019:
    "Ten years today. I've grieved your death every single day and found comfort in the love we shared. I vow to make the next ten about celebrating your life daily. I promise you, Susan, I will feed my gratitude for the gift of your artistic, beautiful and deeply caring spirit more than my grief."


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